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Dear Parents and Others,

Here at Bravo Medical Magnet we take your child's education very seriously. It is with that intention that we have provided this webpage for you and your child to help get a better understanding of what goes on in the Chemistry Department. Here you will find biographies of some of our staff, descriptions of our programs, and a brief discussion of our Chemistry Outreach Program.

Most importantly you can find many of the course handouts here including labs, worksheets, course descriptions, and practice tests. All the files are available as Adobe Acrobat Files.



AP Chemistry Late Breaking News Page


Honors Chemistry Late Breaking News


Chemistry Late Breaking News Page


Honors Chemistry Weekly Homework Assignments


Regular Chemistry Weekly Homework Assignments


Information for Parents/ Class Descriptions/Syllabus


Regular and Honors Chemistry Course Handouts


Practice Tests


AP Chemistry Course Handouts


Chemistry Club


Faculty Resumes


Mr. Quimby's Physics Page


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